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What is Harmony Dancing?

Harmony Dancing is the first and only clearly defined method for communicating unambiguously in social dancing.

Who is Harmony Dancing for?

Everyone that wants to dance socially with a partner, no matter what level or what social dance.

What makes Harmony Dancing so safe, comfortable and natural?

Everyone does there own dancing.

There is no use of force. You do not nudge your partner about. You do not use pressure and tension. You do not push or pull on your partner.

What is it about Harmony Dancing that allows so much freedom of expression?

First, there is no use of force, so everyone moves freely.

Second, the leader does not control the follower. The leader only signals the follower. The follower is free to complete what the leader invites her to do however she likes.

Does Harmony Dancing really work for every step in every social dance?

Yes, Harmony Dancing works for every step that is leadable in every social dance.

We limit the choreography for social dancing to steps that you can safely communicate with someone you are dancing with for the first time, in other words, steps that are leadable. Generally, all normal steps in all normal social dances are leadable, as long as you maintain your own balance and stay connected with your partner.

Not every conceivable pattern is leadable. Examples are lifts and drops, where you need your partner to maintain your balance. By our definition, these moves are not social dancing. We call those types of moves Performance Dancing. You must practice those moves with your partner beforehand to do them safely.

Does Harmony Dancing work the same way with every dance?

Yes, the rules for Harmony Dancing are the same for every dance.

Dances have different characteristic music, patterns, positions, postures, styling and timing. Some dances are danced in open positions, some in closed positions, some in body contact. You will need to learn to move your body in ways appropriate to each dance.

Even though dances are different, the fundamental elements of what you communicate is the same. You can use Harmony Dancing as your method of communicating in every dance.

Does Harmony Dancing really work the same way for every person?

Yes. Everyone who follows the method of Harmony Dancing will communicate in the same way, because everyone uses the same Three Laws and the same Three Signals.

Why is communication more accurate, simpler and faster with Harmony Dancing?

Harmony Dancing joins the signal to the movement, so that the woman's natural movement is the signal. The woman does not have to think, she simply does. This is a one-step process of communicating, that happens automatically. She knows what to do, because the language of dancing with a partner is clearly defined. So the communication is as accurate, as simple and as fast as is possible.

What will I learn when I learn Harmony Dancing?

[From the Preface of How To Dance With a Partner]

Harmony Dancing provides an original, comprehensive explanation of how to dance socially with a partner.

Some of the principles you will learn include:

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How to Dance with a Partner


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