How to Dance with a Partner Online Course - Pre-Release

This is an evaluation version of the course, prior to the production release. As such, after your purchase, you can get an extra sign on ID for your partner.

Learn the Only Defined Method of Communicating Every Step in Every Dance

The Safest, Easiest, Gentlest and Most Natural Way to Dance with a Partner

What You Get with this Purchase

How to Dance with a Partner
Lead and Follow Defined for the First Time
This is the book that explains Harmony Dancing. You learn how to unambiguously communicate every step in every dance using the Three Laws and Three Signals.YesWebsite readable book
Harmony Dancing Companion Workbook
Self Study Guide and Exercises
The workbook helps you learn by doing with 30+ Lessons and 150+ Exercises. There are also 6 Quizzes to help you gauge how well you understand the material.YesWebsite readable book
Extra Sign On User ID for Your PartnerAny time within 30 days of your purchase, contact us to get a second sign on ID you can give to your partner for free.YesUser account
Physical Copy of BooksNo
Downloadable E-BooksNo

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Any time within the first 30 days of your purchase of the Harmony Dancing Course, to get a second sign on ID for your partner for free, send us your partner's name and email address.

Online Version Only

The Harmony Dancing Course is made available to you online, through a password protected portion of the website, where you have access to the newest updates. There is nothing to download, nor install on your computer. You have instant access as soon as you sign in from any internet connection.

The book is formatted to flow to whatever size your screen may be, so you can read the book on computer screens, tablets, phones or TVs.

Printable Pages

You may print each section of the book, which are 1 to 4 pages at a time. The pages are formatted for nicely printing only the text of the book, without the rest of the website framework.


Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group

Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously

Learn the Only Clearly Defined Method of Leading and Following

Dance the Natural, Gentle, Easy Way

Dance Safely, Free from Injury and Stress

Feel More Comfortable, Confident and Popular

Accelerate Your Progress

Take Your Dancing to a New Level

Learn Harmony Dancing Today

How to Dance with a Partner


Harmony Dancing℠

The Only Method of Communicating Every Step in Every Social Dance

Invented by

Andrew Weitzen

How to Dance
with a Partner

Online Course

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